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Your World Of Colors

Immerse yourself in a world of artistry and creativity. Discover the perfect masterpiece to adorn your space, or embark on your own artistic journey. Start exploring our gallery of exquisite paintings today!"


My name is Ashi Pathak

I am fascinated by the power of art and the magic behind the paintbrush.   With colours, emotions, techniques, and a dynamic thought process, I have embarked on a flight through time and space embracing my sweet escapes.   It's incredible how a single painting can dramatically overtake the artist and the viewer, an interstellar journey indeed

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Explore the Collection

artworks that encompass a range of styles, mediums, and themes. the collection invites viewers to embark on a journey of exploration, discovery, and emotional connection with the power of art. Whether you seek thought-provoking pieces that challenge conventions or serene landscapes that provide a moment of tranquillity, the art collection offers diverse artworks that inspire, evoke emotions, and leave a lasting impression on all who engage with them.


Your World Of Colors

In 2016, I started my Instagram handle Greet With Art where I sell art and craft items, was founded by an Ashi Pathak of creative art enthusiasts who had been dreaming of creating an Art business, one that revolved around their main passion: art! Since our launch, we’ve expanded our team, drastically improved our shipping options and boosted our collection. Browse our site and find your next piece today.

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